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2008-09-01 11:30:20 by Freedor

Bleach is cool....if u like it and want to talk about it just post something. Also.... being evil never felt so good.....join me on a quest to destroy the government and all will live in peace and harmony....... P.S I will make a story with bleach characters, naruto, inyuasha, and blood. It will e about how diva gets revived and she joins the hollows and how naruto's enemy (I don't remember his name) leads the hollows. They will call them selves The Legion! And everyone will have to come together in order to save the world! What do you think?

Im still doin the friends list. :)
He makes cool songs and is well
She writes awesome stories.
She talks about naruto and other stuff and is really funny.
He's cool.
Ummmm... my brother.... *sigh*
Does Java programing and is a cool dude.

Also check out this pic!

My new page!


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2008-09-01 11:34:23


Freedor responds:

lol do you watch bleach?


2008-09-01 11:35:59

hahah funny "you pee standng up !your a man hahah funny

Freedor responds:

bleach rocks! and thanx! :P


2008-09-01 11:47:27

rofl funny pic.

Freedor responds:

thanx. i thought of it when i was sleeping...i might type a story on here...


2008-09-01 18:27:12

I'v never actaully seen Bleach in anime form i only ever read the mang :P
When i get the chance al watch the Anime tho

Freedor responds:

ok tell me the episdes you've sen please. :3


2008-09-03 16:29:02

Lol nice picture. Yea, Bleach is a cool anime, I have seen it a few times.

The picture...-cough- O_o